Meet Victor and Yorka Nobrega

Victor and Yorka Nobrega, the passionate owners of Arepera La Tricolor and the newly opened No 6 Bar & Eatery, have infused their rich Venezuelan heritage and Madeiran influences into a unique culinary experience. Born in Venezuela and having lived most of his life in Madeira, Victor brings a fusion of vibrant flavors and traditions to his establishments.

Arepera La Tricolor began as a simple catering trailer offering traditional Venezuelan dishes, tapping into Victor’s roots. It evolved into a takeaway and finally into the full-fledged restaurant, No 6 Bar & Eatery. No 6 stands out in its address and pays homage to Madeira with its diverse menu, featuring Portuguese Punches, Empanadas, Tequeños, Pepitos, and Perros Calientes. The eatery’s space is designed to be authentic and simple, reflecting the warmth of Madeiran culture and the liveliness of Venezuelan cuisine.

Did You Know?

  • A Motocross Enthusiast: Before his journey into the culinary world, Victor was passionately involved in freestyle stunt riding, a testament to his adventurous spirit.
  • Wine Aficionado: His love affair with wine began in Madeira, leading him to become a sommelier at the Royal Yacht in Jersey, blending his hospitality expertise with a keen sense of wine appreciation.
  • Adaptation and Innovation: Victor’s journey through various luxury hotels and a Michelin star restaurant before settling in Jersey has greatly influenced his approach to hospitality, focusing on respect, understanding, and a deep connection with customers.
  • A Passion for Hospitality: From an early age, Victor was drawn to the hospitality sector, starting his first job at 14 and continuing to pursue his passion through various roles in different countries.

Victor and Yorka’s story is a tapestry of cultural experiences, culinary passion, and a commitment to providing a unique dining experience that celebrates their rich heritage.

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