The Art of Enterprise

The Power of Personal Branding

Shot by Oliver Doran | Edited by Chantelle Mundy | Maple Rock Studios


This exhibition took place at Jaro Gallery in Jersey. Watch the event video.

Date: 15th December 2023 to 6th January 2024
Location: Jaro Gallery, No. 1 York Street, Jersey

A Journey of Personal Discovery and Branding

“The Art of Enterprise,” an exhibition featuring 50 entrepreneurs in Jersey, has been a revelatory journey for me, Oliver Doran. This project illuminated the significance of personal branding, not just for entrepreneurs but for every individual. Through conducting more than 50 brand consultations, I’ve come to understand the profound impact these sessions have on our self-awareness and personal growth.

Brand Consultations

We conducted brand consultations for all the entrepreneurs. Exploring aspects of their life before their entrepreneurial venture, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they wanted their clients to perceive their experience. Serious questions like, “Why do you do what you do?”; “What are your values?” and “Who is your audience?” To help them articulate their brand personality in fun and engaging ways, I asked creative questions such as, “If your brand were a car, what would it be?” and “What’s your spirit animal?”

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Utilising AI technology, we’ve revolutionised brand consultations. After recording and transcribing these sessions, we input the data into ChatGPT in manageable segments. This advanced process allows us to extract remarkable insights, including personalised brand guidelines for future reference, SWOT analyses for new projects, compelling brand stories, engaging about page content, strategic marketing plans, and creative social media post ideas. This innovative approach also inspired unique concepts for portrait shoots in my studio.

Personal Branding is for everyone – literally

The exhibition featured entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds – artists, solopreneurs, venture capitalists – each at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Yet, the core questions remained the same, emphasising that personal branding is a universal concept. This approach not only helped me understand them individually but also allowed me to tailor each studio shoot to resonate with their unique stories, ranging from simple and classy to extravagant and fun.


In conclusion, “The Art of Enterprise” was more than an exhibition; it was a journey of discovery, not only for the entrepreneurs who participated but also for me as a curator. It highlighted that everyone has a story, and understanding that story is key to defining our personal and professional identities. As I captured these diverse narratives, I realised the beauty of personal branding lies in its ability to mirror our deepest values and aspirations, making it a compelling tool for anyone looking to understand and express their unique identity.

Hats off to all the entrepreneurs who stepped out of their comfort zones to embark on this enlightening journey.

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