Shoot Jersey 2020

Humans of Jersey

“The camera is nothing more than a tool. Communication; simplicity; shapes on a page. What’s important is the story…. the message… the feeling… the connection… how do you make this reach people. It’s the combination of graphic simplicity and the power of spirit and soul.”

Call me Bob

I’m Oliver Doran, and after a decade-long adventure in the Middle East, I found myself back in Jersey, opening a Portrait Studio amidst the 2020 pandemic. With a new approach to my work, I rekindled my love for capturing the essence of people and their milestones. My style is raw and graphic, showcasing each subject’s character and personality. I’ve photographed hundreds of people from all walks of life, and I have a secret: I specialise in capturing those who think they aren’t photogenic. I love proving them wrong! Portrait, a magazine celebrating the Faces of Jersey, is my humble tribute to this Jersey community. In it, you’ll find a blend of local faces and even a playful twist on a celebrity portrait, like “Call me Bob” featuring Robert De Niro. Join me on this journey as I continue to bring out the beauty, confidence, and magic in everyone I photograph, transforming the camera-shy into the camera-proud, and reminding us all that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

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