Reflecting on “The Art of Enterprise” Project

A Journey of Personal Discovery and Branding

“The Art of Enterprise,” an exhibition featuring 50 entrepreneurs in Jersey, has been a revelatory journey for me, Oliver Doran. This project illuminated the significance of personal branding, not just for entrepreneurs but for every individual. Through conducting more than 50 brand consultations, I’ve come to understand the profound impact these sessions have on our self-awareness and personal growth.

Uncovering Personal Narratives

The questions ranged from exploring their life before their entrepreneurial venture, their strengths and weaknesses, to how they wished their clients to perceive their experience. By asking creative questions like “If your brand were a car, what would it be?” or “What’s your spirit animal?”, I helped them articulate their brand personality in fun and engaging ways.

Diversity in Personal Branding

The exhibition features entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds – artists, solopreneurs, venture capitalists – each at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Yet, the core questions remained the same, emphasising that personal branding is a universal concept. This approach not only helped me understand them individually but also allowed me to tailor each studio shoot to resonate with their unique stories, ranging from simple and classy to extravagant and fun.

The Power of Personal Branding

This project has reinforced my belief in the power of personal branding. It’s not just a tool for business; it’s a lens through which we can view and understand our lives. Whether it’s an entrepreneur at the beginning of their journey or one who has reached great heights, the essence of their personal brand is what sets them apart.

The Therapeutic Aspect of Brand Consultations

One of the most enlightening aspects of this project was the therapeutic nature of the brand consultations. These sessions, akin to therapy, allowed the entrepreneurs to delve deep into their motivations and values. I provided a set of questions in advance, enabling each participant to reflect on aspects such as their ‘why’, values, brand story, and the pivotal moments that shaped their journey.


In conclusion, “The Art of Enterprise” was more than an exhibition; it was a journey of discovery, not only for the entrepreneurs who participated but also for me as a curator. It highlighted that everyone has a story, and understanding that story is key to defining our personal and professional identities. As I captured these diverse narratives, I realised the beauty of personal branding lies in its ability to mirror our deepest values and aspirations, making it a compelling tool for anyone looking to understand and express their unique identity.

Hats off to all the entrepreneurs who stepped out of their comfort zones to embark on this enlightening journey.

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