Hi, I’m Oliver Doran, a photographer who views light as the primary narrator of my stories. My photographic journey has been transformative and enriched by ongoing learning and heartfelt connections with people.

I developed my skills over a decade in the Middle East, collaborating with renowned brands like Cartier and Dior, and contributing to high-profile magazines such as Esquire, GQ, and Cosmopolitan. I had the privilege to photograph celebrities like Robert De Niro, Roger Federer, and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Returning to my roots in Jersey, Channel Islands, I immersed myself in portrait photography. Myself and my team strive to capture the essence of our subjects, a process that begins well before my camera clicks. Building relationships with our subjects, from calls and interviews to casual chats, helps us truly understand their personalities.

As technology evolved, we found a new passion in blending Digital Art & AI with my unique lighting style, leading to innovative photographic art. This exploration birthed the ‘Fantastic Beasts Society’, a vibrant series where animals wear haute couture, captivating viewers of all ages.

In all our work, we emphasise thorough research and personal connection, creating a fusion of artistic flair and technical expertise. Our goal is to capture not just images, but life stories and emotions. As we look forward, we continue to commit to our craft, ready to capture the new stories my lens will encounter.

Oliver Doran // Director // Photographer


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