Meet Yvonne Corbin

Yvonne Corbin, the Chief Executive Officer at Caring Cooks of Jersey, is a relentless advocate for combating food insecurity and nurturing the human spirit. With a diverse background spanning from ice cream cone factories to the finance sector, Yvonne found her true calling in the world of charity and community support. Her brainchild, Caring Cooks, is a beacon of hope for those facing food insecurity.

Yvonne’s journey is motivated by her personal experiences. Raised in the Northeast of England by working-class parents, she knows what it’s like to struggle with food insecurity. Her upbringing, marked by financial challenges and a tough family situation, made her resilient and compassionate. It’s this background that drives her to ensure no one in Jersey goes to bed hungry.

Yvonne believes in balance. As a mother, she knows the importance of striking a work-life balance, a lesson she imparts to young mothers pursuing entrepreneurship. Her own story is a testament to the power of self-belief; she transitioned from a banking career to a thriving charity entrepreneur.

Did You Know?

  • Yvonne’s career path is a fascinating journey, including stints in an ice cream cone factory, a bakery, and the finance sector.
  • She ventured into the festival business, managing artists and events, which honed her exceptional marketing skills.
  • Yvonne’s commitment to Caring Cooks is not driven by profit; it’s a social enterprise that channels funds back into educational programs.
  • Despite her position, Yvonne does not draw a hefty salary, aligning with her dedication to the cause.

In a world where compassion meets entrepreneurship, Yvonne Corbin stands tall as a beacon of hope, nourishing souls, one meal at a time. Her story teaches us that anyone can make a difference with the right blend of determination, empathy, and self-belief.

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