Meet Trudi Roscouet:

Trudi Roscouet, the dynamic force behind Vitality 40 Plus, stands and educates for women navigating the complexities of menopause and midlife challenges. Her approach combines medical insights with holistic wellness strategies, offering a path to rejuvenation and empowerment for women over 40 as well as educating the population about how it works.

The story:

Driven by a personal journey marked by struggle and self-discovery, Trudi’s passion for helping others stems from her own experiences. Raised by a single mother, influenced by strong, independent women like her grandmother, and enriched by a background in theatre, Trudi developed resilience and empathy from a young age. From battle with illness, to a stressful career, and a challenging divorce, Trudi’s first hand understanding further shaped her knowledge of the intricate link between emotional well-being and physical health.

Trudi’s transformation into a mentor for menopausal women began with her pivot from a corporate career to the health and wellness sector. Recognizing a gap in support for women dealing with menopause, she leveraged her expertise in nutrition and fitness to offer holistic solutions. Vitality 40 Plus was born out of this vision – a platform dedicated to empowering women through tailored fitness programs, nutritional guidance, and collaborative forums that merge medical and lifestyle perspectives.

Trudi’s brand is not just about managing symptoms; it’s about redefining midlife as a period of growth, vitality, and joy. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of holistic care, inspiring women to embrace their journey with confidence and grace.

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