Meet Tom Le Sueur

Tom Le Sueur, the CEO & Founder of SNAP Design & Digital, is a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial landscape, known for his diverse array of businesses. Beyond SNAP, his ventures include MyKii Limited, a sophisticated CRM system; Channel Eye, a digital news platform; Brunch Party, an event management enterprise; these are just some of Tom’s ventures, blending style with a touch of audacity.

Tom’s entrepreneurial journey is driven by his deep-seated passion for creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. His leadership style is characterized by a blend of visionary creativity and grounded decision-making, underpinned by a keen understanding of diverse market needs. This eclectic mix of ventures showcases his ability to identify and capitalize on niche markets, from digital solutions to lifestyle and entertainment.

Did You Know?

  • Tom’s leadership at MyKii Limited reflects his knack for developing solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and streamline business processes.
  • At Channel Eye, he has embraced the role of a director, delivering daily business and lifestyle news across the Channel Islands.
  • Co-founding Brunch Party, Tom brings unique and unforgettable events to Jersey, highlighting his flair for event management and community engagement.

The Multifaceted World of Tom Le Sueur
Tom Le Sueur is more than just a business leader; he’s a trendsetter and a visionary. Each of his ventures, from SNAP Design & Digital to a barbers, to a Media Company, is a testament to his diverse interests and entrepreneurial prowess. His ability to juggle multiple businesses successfully stems from his commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and a deep understanding of different market dynamics. Tom Le Sueur’s brand story is a compelling narrative of entrepreneurial diversity, creative leadership, and an unyielding drive to explore new horizons.

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