Meet Steven Wilkinson

Meet Steven Wilkinson, the authentic, down to earth face behind Infiniti Art & Jewellery.

Infiniti is a unique blend of curated art and finely crafted jewellery. A space that isn’t just a store, but a place that appeals to art and jewellery lovers. At the heart of Infinity’s success lies not only Steven’s experience in luxury markets but his personable nature, unpretentiousness and love for personal life. His down-to-earth demeanor and genuine passion for his craft set him apart, giving his clients an experience that’s as genuine as it is unique.

The story:

In a world of ever-evolving markets and fluctuating fortunes, Steven Wilkinson oozes adaptability. His journey, rich with wisdom paints a vivid picture of a man with a passion for art, luxury and jewellery, who is driven by family, and guided by an unflinching vision.

Hailing from Liverpool, Steven’s career began as a buyer for department store, De Gruchy. Here, he developed a deep understanding of luxury retail and consumer psychology, honing his instincts for market trends. This experience served as his foundation, sparking a fire within him that would lead him to establish a successful chain of stores offering high-end branded clothes across the UK. His business thrived, reflecting his keen business acumen and an intuitive understanding of his customers’ needs.

However, the global economic crisis hit, causing a seismic shift in the retail industry. Undeterred, Steven saw this not an obstacle, but an opportunity for change. It was during these times, that he made a life-altering decision to close his UK stores and return to Jersey, a place that held a special place in his heart.vSteven’s move back to Jersey, allowed him to embrace the tranquility and close-knit community spirit he’d grown to love, enabling him to focus on the people who mattered most: his family.

It was then he undertook one of his next and most current ventures: Infiniti Art and Jewellery. Being in an industry often thought of as pretencious, Steven is the opposite; exuding warmness and holding himself with an approachable demeanour.

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