Meet Sharon Cathcart and Yvonne Harrison

Sharon Cathcart and Yvonne Harrison are the dynamic duo behind Fabulous, a unique and inviting clothing store that has become a local gem. Their shop is a treasure trove of fashion, offering a delightful range of styles to cater to every taste. With an emphasis on mid-range pricing and a diverse selection, they strive to provide a welcoming space for customers to discover their own unique style. Their brand is a celebration of individuality and authenticity, encouraging everyone to feel fabulous in their own way.

The inspiration for Fabulous came from Sharon and Yvonne’s shared passion for fashion and their desire to create a space where people could feel at ease while shopping. Their journey wasn’t always easy; they faced challenges and evolved along the way. Both have personal experiences with addiction and recovery, which they openly share with their community. This vulnerability has created a supportive atmosphere in the shop and demonstrates their commitment to helping others overcome obstacles. They believe in second chances and, in many ways, Fabulous is a testament to their own resilience and transformation.

Did you know that Sharon and Yvonne started Fabulous with a vision to offer fashion for everyone? Their unique approach allows customers to explore various styles and find their confidence without breaking the bank. They’re not just business partners but also friends who have gone through ups and downs together. Sharon’s honesty and Yvonne’s straightforwardness create a refreshing shopping experience. They even host “Workout Wednesdays” to help customers discover hidden gems in the store. Their commitment to sustainability is also worth noting; they’re always looking for ways to make Fabulous more environmentally friendly.

Sharon Cathcart and Yvonne Harrison are two strong-willed individuals. Their personal journeys reflect their dedication to self-improvement and giving back to the community. Sharon’s Italian fashion background and Yvonne’s love for high-end clothing make them a perfect match for curating the diverse range at Fabulous. Their shared vision and the shared story of their journey make Fabulous not just a store but a community where everyone is welcome to explore and embrace their unique style.

Sharon Cathcart and Yvonne Harrison’s brand story for Fabulous embodies their passion for fashion, commitment to inclusivity, and resilience in the face of personal challenges. Their shop isn’t just about clothes; it’s a celebration of individuality and second chances, driven by two remarkable women who have found strength in each other and their shared mission.

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