Meet Rachel de Caen:

‘Rachel de Caen co-owns Royal Mash, a boutique vodka brand rooted in the rich tradition of Jersey, an island known for its quality produce. The brand stands out for transforming oversized, otherwise wasted Jersey Royal potatoes into arguably some of the world’s finest vodka. Rachel’s journey in Royal Mash began in 2019, motivated by her desire to utilize local resources sustainably while fulfilling her partner’s long-held dream of crafting premium vodka.

The story:

The ethos behind Royal Mash is deeply intertwined with Rachel’s personal values and her culinary background. Having worked in top-notch kitchens and possessing an acute palate, Rachel brings a chef’s precision and creativity to her vodka. Her personal values of honesty, kindness, and integrity are reflected in the brand, emphasizing quality over quantity and maintaining a hands-on approach to customer relations.

Rachel’s vision for Royal Mash extends beyond just producing high-quality vodka. She strives for sustainability and traceability, aligning with the evolving consumer preferences for products with understandable origins and environmental considerations. The brand epitomizes ‘no half measures’ in every aspect, from the spirit in the bottle to the customer experience.

Rachel’s ultimate aspiration for Royal Mash is global recognition – not just in terms of distribution but in terms of value perception. She envisions Royal Mash as a symbol of quality and commitment, a brand that vodka enthusiasts reach for, knowing they are choosing a product that aligns with high standards of production and ethical business practices. Her journey with Royal Mash is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and dedication to making a mark in the competitive world of spirits.

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