Meet Phil Slatter

Phil Slatter, the founder of Reel Creative, represents a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and entrepreneurial spirit. His journey into the world of media began in the simplest of settings – a church, where he first discovered his passion for multimedia. From managing acetate slides for hymns to diving into the realms of media and moving image in education, Phil’s path was always intertwined with storytelling and technology.

Reel Creative, established in the wake of Phil’s extensive experience in media production, embodies a fusion of innovative video production solutions and strategic consulting. The firm stands out for its commitment to understanding client objectives and delivering bespoke video content that not only looks stunning but also achieves tangible commercial results.Phil’s drive to start Reel Creative stemmed from his desire to do more than just execute briefs. He wanted to craft a narrative, to understand the “why” behind each project, ensuring each piece of content is a strategic, result-driven asset for the client. This passion is rooted in his realization that the creation of media is as much about understanding the client as it is about the technical aspects of production.

Did You Know?

  • Phil’s initial foray into media was through operating an overhead projector in a church at the age of six.
  • His career has spanned various roles in the media industry, including time spent at Channel TV and a significant tenure at Freedom Media.
  • A pivotal moment in his career came during his time in New Zealand, where he worked for a church’s in-house media department, shaping his perspective on content creation.
  • Phil’s approach is heavily influenced by his understanding of ADHD, which has shaped his dynamic, innovative, and sometimes unconventional approach to media.
  • His personal values strongly emphasize honesty, excellence, and providing an enjoyable experience – principles that are deeply ingrained in Reel Creative’s ethos.
  • An endearing presence in the studio is Phil’s dog, Tui, who often accompanies him, adding a sense of warmth and homeliness to the creative environment.

Phil Slatter’s journey is not just about creating media but about crafting stories that resonate, engage, and achieve objectives, making Reel Creative a go-to solution for impactful video content.

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