Meet Paul Fox

Paul Fox, the innovative mind behind Zingela Club, transformed a moment of inconvenience into a groundbreaking business idea. After a dining experience where a discount voucher was misplaced amidst a clutter of loyalty cards and coupons, Paul envisioned a unified platform for rewards. This led to the creation of Zingela Club, a singular membership system offering access to a diverse array of rewards, doing away with the need for multiple loyalty cards.

Driven by a desire to simplify and enhance the consumer experience, Paul’s vision for Zingela Club was to create more than just a rewards program. He sought to establish a community where members could enjoy exclusive deals, monthly prizes, and unique events. His extensive background, ranging from zookeeping to property and car sales, endowed him with a unique perspective on customer service and business operations, fueling the innovative approach of Zingela Club.

Did You Know?

  • Zookeeper Turned Entrepreneur: Before diving into the world of business, Paul began his career journey as a zookeeper, nurturing a deep love for animals. This experience not only shaped his understanding of care and responsibility but also inspired his creative writing, including children’s stories about animals.
  • A Writer’s Path: Paul’s diverse life experiences fueled his passion for writing. His book, “The Princess and the Doorman,” intertwines real-life events with fictional elements, showcasing his flair for storytelling.
  • Family Man: A proud father and grandfather, Paul’s family life remains a cornerstone of his identity. His granddaughter, Elsie, is the muse for his series of children’s books, blending his love for animals with his joy in storytelling.

Through Zingela Club, Paul Fox has channeled his varied life experiences and personal values into creating a business that’s not just about transactions, but about building a community and enriching experiences, reflecting his multifaceted journey and dedication to innovation.

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