Meet Lorna Jackson

Lorna Jackson, the director and owner of Health Point Clinic, brings a unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and a deep understanding of patient needs to her practice. Health Point Clinic stands as a beacon of relief and hope for those suffering from various ailments, especially pain-related issues. Lorna’s approach combines traditional acupuncture with modern techniques, tailored to each individual’s needs.

Lorna’s journey into acupuncture was fuelled by her personal experience. As a former dancer, she encountered a significant injury that left her searching for effective pain relief and recovery methods. This quest led her to discover the transformative power of acupuncture. Inspired by her mother, a dedicated chiropractor, and driven by her own positive experience with acupuncture, Lorna embarked on a mission to bring this healing art to others. Her clinic is more than a medical facility; it’s a sanctuary where patients find understanding, compassion, and tailored care.

Did You Know?

  • Lorna’s background in dance gives her a unique perspective on body movement and pain management.
  • She grew up in a healthcare-oriented family, which deeply influenced her career choice.
  • Lorna’s approach is not just about treating symptoms but understanding the patient’s lifestyle and emotional well-being.
  • Health Point Clinic offers a variety of treatments, including traditional and dry needling acupuncture.
  • Lorna’s expertise extends to treating a diverse range of patients, from pregnant women to stroke patients and athletes.

Lorna Jackson and Health Point Clinic represent a harmonious blend of professional care, personal touch, and a deep commitment to patient well-being. They offer a haven for those seeking relief and a path to better health.

Discover more about Lorna Jackson and Health Point Clinic at Health Point Clinic.

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