Meet Lisa Le Brocq

Lisa Le Brocq, a dedicated and passionate jeweler based in St Aubins, is the creative force behind Lisa Le Brocq Jewellery. Beginning her journey in 1994, Lisa has developed a unique style, specializing in handmade silver jewelry. Her quaint shop in St Aubins not only displays her exquisite creations but also serves as a live workshop, where visitors can observe the art of jewelry-making in real time.


Lisa’s path into jewelry making is deeply rooted in her love for creative expression and nature. The sea, beaches, and the natural beauty of Jersey have been constant sources of inspiration in her work. Her passion for the environment is not just a theme in her designs but a lifestyle; she often starts her day with a walk on the beach, collecting materials and drawing inspiration from the serene coastal landscape. This connection with nature is a vital component of her artistry, influencing the organic forms and textures in her jewelry. Her work is a fusion of artistic expression and a deep reverence for the natural world, making each piece an echo of the environment that inspired it.

Did You Know?

  • Personal Heritage: Lisa’s Jersey heritage, with family roots in farming, infuses her work with an authentic connection to the land and sea.
  • Intuitive Creation: Lisa often eschews preliminary designs, allowing her creativity to flow naturally, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Environmental Advocate: A strong advocate for environmental preservation, Lisa incorporates materials found on beaches into her designs, reflecting her commitment to conservation.
  • Community Collaboration: Lisa champions community over competition by forming alliances with other local jewelers, fostering a supportive artisan community.

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