Meet Jo Buchanan

Jo Buchanan, the visionary behind TwitTwooYou, is not only a wordsmith, but a master at the art of building connections. Armed with her skills as a copywriter and marketer, Jo ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship to create TwitTwooYou, a strategic marketing consultancy. Jo is driven by her bundle of creativity, big imagination, quick thinking, and decisiveness. As a strong believer of listening to and following instincts, Jo finds complete freedom to fully utilise her potential in her own business.

The story:

Jo’s story isn’t just about business; it’s about authenticity and human connections. After facing a toxic work environment that challenged her mental health, she made the courageous decision to step away and find her true calling. Combined with a health scare that served as a stark reminder of life’s fragility, it fuelled her desire to pursue her passion and TwitTwooYou was born. Jo’s story reminds us that life’s too short to not chase our dreams, and in doing so, now focuses on helping brands be authentic and connect deeply with their audiences.

Jo is as bright, vibrant, fun and quirky, as her brand is described. Being an solo-trepreneur, clients are buying directly into Jo’s personality, skills, expertise and passion and those who work with Jo recognise the strength in her sassy, authentic, and humorous approach to business, that is levelled with with a mix of compassion and competitiveness.

Twittwooyou represents the unique sound of an owl and emphasises the guidance she provides and the trustworthy relationships Jo builds with her clients. She aims to help brands be recognised, and be heard, add value and build positive relationships with her audience.

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