Meet Jasmine Rose Noel

Jasmine Noel, the founder and curator of Jaro Gallery, began her connection with art observing the small, everyday moments and things. Those small observations whether it be as simple as a salt shaker or as complex as a modern sculpture, were always making Jasmine think and ponder. Her journey wasn’t about seeking grand milestones but discovering joy in the everyday and the in ordinary.

The story:

With a good eye for young, emerging artists, Jasmine has become more than a gallery owner; she’s become a mentor, a guide, and often a friend. She invests in artists, not just financially, but emotionally and intellectually, fostering their growth and helping them reach world-renowned galleries.

The inception of Jaro Gallery was not just a business venture; it was a statement of purpose. In a world where everything seems commodified, Jaro Gallery is expression of Jasmine’s commitment to something beyond mere commerce. It’s an authentic space where creativity, innovation, art and human connection intertwine, that serves elegance without pretension and innovation without alienation.

Her curated exhibitions invite viewers to explore, learn and grow. From solo shows to historically important exhibitions, Jasmine’s gallery serves as a canvas where art is displayed and where viewers are participants in a dynamic, ever-evolving dialogue.

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