Meet Jane Rayner

The story of Bronzed Angel begins with its founder, Jane Rayner and an article she once stumbled upon from NASA. It went like this:

Red lights were used to grow plants in space, aiding in their development. The astronauts tending to these plants noticed a remarkable change in their skin, becoming softer and younger-looking. Jane was intrigued and it brought back memories of her stepfather’s turkey farm where red lights were used to nurture the turkeys, helping them grow plump and healthy. A connection was made in her mind: if red lights could have such profound effects on plants and animals, they must surely have potential benefits for humans as well.

The story:

She began to research further, discovering red light beds in Germany and realising that this technology could be used to enhance both health and beauty. With this knowledge and understanding, Jane opened her first salon, Bronzed Angel, in Leicestershire. The salon offers red light beds alongside tanning beds, and it was a unique proposition in the UK market. Jane saw the success of this in the UK, saw a gap in the market here in Jersey, and wanted to expand and bring the technology to more people.

Jane’s belief in the product and, her commitment to offering a service that enhances beauty without causing harm is unwavering. Bronzed Angel continues to be a trailblazer in the UK, offering a service that is as unique as it is beneficial, all stemming from a late-night discovery and a connection between the red lights of space, a turkey farm, and the potential for human beauty and well-being.

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