Meet Harry King:

Harry King is a master craftsman in web design and development. His journey began with a passion for music, leading him to Brighton’s vibrant scene. There, he discovered his talent for HTML while creating a MySpace account for his band. This experience sparked a new passion, steering him towards a career in web design and development. After honing his skills in a London marketing agency, Harry returned to Jersey, establishing himself as a high-end freelance web designer and developer.

The story:

Harry’s transition from music to web design is rooted in his love for creativity and expression. His experience in the music industry provided him with a unique perspective on design, emphasizing the importance of individuality and authenticity in his work. In London, he deepened his understanding of lead generation and digital marketing, skills that now enhance his web design projects.

As a freelancer, Harry is committed to creating bespoke websites that not only meet but exceed his clients’ expectations. His focus on building strong, ongoing relationships with clients ensures that each project is a collaborative and fulfilling journey.

Harry’s brand story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the seamless integration of creativity and technical skills. His journey from a bass guitar player to a web design maestro exemplifies his dedication to craftsmanship, making him a sought-after professional in the field of web design and development.

Did You Know?

  • Harry still harbors a deep love for music and often finds parallels between the rhythm of music and the flow of a well-designed website.
  • He’s an avid traveler, drawing inspiration from different cultures and landscapes, which often reflects in his diverse design styles.
  • Harry is a self-taught web designer, a testament to his belief in continuous learning and adapting to new challenges.
  • He’s a coffee enthusiast and claims that his best ideas often come during his morning coffee ritual.

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