Meet Hannah Hearne

Hannah Hearne leads the innovative and personalized social media consultancy known as “Hannah Hearne Social.” With a unique blend of experience in journalism, TV reporting, and public relations, Hannah offers bespoke social media services. Her consultancy focuses on training and full management of social media accounts for various businesses, ensuring a tailored approach for each client. Hannah’s brand is characterized by her passion, dedication, and a deep understanding of the power and impact of social media.

Hannah’s journey into social media consultancy was driven by her love for storytelling and communication. Her career began in journalism and TV reporting, where she developed a knack for engaging storytelling and public interaction. Transitioning to head of communications at States of Jersey Police, she established their social media presence, witnessing firsthand its immense impact and potential. Her desire to help small businesses, especially women entrepreneurs, overcome their fears of social media and harness its power led her to establish her consultancy. Hannah believes in the positive transformation social media can bring, emphasizing honesty, hard work, and the bespoke nature of her services.

Did You Know?

  • Journalism Background: Hannah’s career in journalism, including a memorable stint in TV reporting, honed her storytelling skills, a key component of her social media strategy.
  • Psychology Student: Before entering the media world, Hannah studied psychology at Birmingham University, which aids her understanding of consumer behavior and interaction.
  • Motherhood and Career Shift: The birth of her twins marked a pivotal shift in Hannah’s career, inspiring her to create a balance between professional aspirations and family life.
  • Passionate Educator: Beyond consultancy, Hannah provides training courses, sharing her expertise in social media with a broader audience.
  • Fun Fact: Hannah’s approachable and fun personality, is reflected in her brand’s voice – engaging, honest, and relatable.

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