Meet Gareth Colley

Gareth Colley, Founder, and Managing Director of Island Fever Events, is a maestro of extraordinary experiences. His brand thrives on creating captivating and bespoke events that leave a lasting impression. Island Fever Events is known for its flamboyant, elegant, and stylish approach, just like Gareth himself.

Driven by a desire to break free from the corporate world, Gareth transitioned from finance and journalism to follow his passion for creating exceptional events. With a spirited journey of world travel under his belt, he ventured into the realm of event planning, bringing a unique international perspective to Jersey.

However, there’s more to Gareth’s story. His love for horses is deeply intertwined with his brand’s essence. Gareth’s lifelong affinity for equines led him to become the official handicapper for horse races in Jersey. This unique role showcases his diverse talents beyond event planning, as he expertly analyzes and assesses the capabilities of these magnificent creatures.

Did You Know?

  • Gareth’s expertise goes beyond event planning; he’s also the official handicapper for horse races in Jersey, where he applies his analytical skills to assess equine performance.
  • He is the mastermind behind the iconic White Collar Darts Event in Jersey, combining entertainment, fancy dress, and fundraising for a memorable evening that supports charitable causes.

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