Meet Francisco Lora:

Francisco Lora, affectionately known as Paco, is the heart and soul behind the renowned Casa Paco brand. Paco’s journey began in the warm and vibrant Valencia, Spain. Arriving in Jersey with little more than a dream and a deep-rooted love for food, Paco’s journey into the world of gastronomy was one born from necessity. He began as a waiter, a humble beginning for the now restauranteur sharing his culinary legacy.

The story:

Paco’s venture into the restaurant business was not a predestined path. It was the only job available when he first came to Jersey, and it turned out to be the beginning of a long career. His deep understanding of hospitality, gleaned from years of hard work in hotels, combined with his innate love for cooking, led to the birth of Casa Paco, not only the restaurant but the food truck too. Paco’s dedication is not just about running a successful restaurant; it’s about sharing a piece of his history and his ancestry with every dish he serves.

Beyond the kitchen and beyond his entrepreneurial spirit, Paco is a man of simple pleasures and deep family values. He treasures time spent with family, reflecting his Spanish heritage’s emphasis on familial bonds. Paco’s love for his roots is evident not just in his food but in his everyday life.

As well as his love for Valencia, Paco holds a fondness for Tenerife. His love for the island is not just as a holiday destination but as a source of inspiration, mirroring the vibrant, sunny flavours he brings to his restaurant. This passion for Tenerife translates into his cooking, offering a taste of sunny Spain in the heart of Jersey.

From a waiter to a celebrated restaurant owner, Francisco’s story is a reminder that with dedication, hard work and love for one’s craft, every dream is within reach.

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