Meet Emma Matthews

Emma Matthews is the founder of Jersey Memory Maker, a business rooted in the art of preserving precious moments. Her enterprise specialises in creating personalised keepsakes, such as casts of hands and feet, and bespoke jewellery that immortalise personal histories.

Emma’s motivation stems from a deep appreciation for capturing fleeting moments. As a busy mother herself, she understands the significance of holding onto those tiny details that often slip away with time. Her passion is evident in her work, where each piece is crafted with a profound respect for the individual stories they represent.

Did You Know?

  • Emma started her business from her home, balancing it as a side hustle with her full-time job.
  • Her journey began after acquiring the original business, ‘Freddy’s Footprints’, which she rebranded to broaden its scope.
  • She has a keen interest in technology and fixing gadgets, showing a versatile range of skills.
  • Emma values kindness and mental health advocacy, often incorporating these principles into her business ethos.
  • She provides pro bono work for Philips Footprints, supporting parents with stillborn children.

For more about Emma and her heartfelt creations, visit Jersey Memory Maker.

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