Meet Di Miller-Blandin

Di Miller-Blandin is the visionary behind Get Midlife Fabulous, a brand dedicated to transforming the lives of post-menopausal women. With her expertise in health coaching and personal training, Di empowers women to embrace a healthier lifestyle, regain their confidence, and thrive in their midlife journey.

Di’s passion for helping others stems from her own remarkable story. After enjoying three decades of robust health, she faced a personal breaking point during post-menopause. Determined not to remain broken, she embarked on a transformational journey that ignited her mission to support others in similar situations. Di understands that midlife can bring challenges, and her goal is to provide compassionate guidance and grace to women as they navigate this phase.

Did You Know?

  • Di’s journey has inspired her to focus on post-menopausal women, offering them tailored programs and support.
  • She has a strong background in fitness, health coaching, and nutrition.
  • Di’s commitment to her clients goes beyond business; she offers complimentary consultations to ensure they are ready for the transformation journey.
  • Di is a fan of Tom Hardy, Sylvester Stallone, and sports like tennis, which inspire her with their resilience and character.
  • She values credibility and reputation and believes in offering continuous post-program support to her clients.

Di Miller-Blandin’s Get Midlife Fabulous is more than a brand; it’s a lifeline for women seeking to thrive in their post-menopausal years. With Di’s guidance, they discover that midlife can indeed be fabulous.

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