Meet Claire Mitchell:

Claire Mitchell, a seasoned and integrative psychotherapist, stands at the helm of Jersey Psychotherapy. Her approach goes beyond addressing superficial issues, delving into the heart of human experiences. She explores the elusive and existential aspects of life, crafting a sanctuary where personal and corporate narratives intertwine, reflecting the intricate journeys that are individual lives.

The story:

Claire’s path to psychotherapy was far from linear; it was carved out by her own existential explorations and a profound yearning to comprehend the depths of the human mind. From her young life, Claire has had a deep empathy and a unique perspective on mental health. This rich personal history, combined with her academic pursuits in lucid dreaming and transpersonal experiences, underpins her therapeutic approach.

Claire embodies more than her professional accolades. She is a humble contributor to a larger cause. Her compassion, which she once saw as a vulnerability, has blossomed into her greatest asset. An existential wanderer at heart, Claire perpetually seeks new horizons of understanding, not just within her practice, but also in her fascination with metaphysics, psychedelic therapy, and her personal endeavours.

One such personal pursuit is her aspiration to author a fantasy novel. Drawing inspiration from her professional research and life experiences, particularly in gravity dreaming, Claire aims to weave her insights into a novel full of fantastical narratives. This endeavour mirrors her therapeutic ethos — transforming complex, often indescribable human emotions and experiences into relatable stories.

Claire’s therapeutic style is a symphony of philosophical insights and pragmatic, grounded techniques. Clients find in her a sanctuary for transformative and enlightening experiences. Her goal transcends mere alleviation of discomfort; it’s about helping clients to ‘better feel’, to navigate and integrate the intricacies of their emotional landscapes.

Under Claire’s guidance, Jersey Psychotherapy is a realm where personal histories are not just heard, but, respected, explored and deeply understood. It’s a place of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by Claire’s compassionate and insightful presence, and enriched by her empathetic spirit and ever-learning ambitions.

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