Meet Chantelle Mundy Dunne

Chantelle Mundy Dunne, leading Maple Rock Studios, combines an adventurous spirit with a feminine flair in her video production. Her style, balancing strength and elegance, appeals widely, enhanced by her organisational skills honed through significant production work with Netflix. The studio’s name, ‘Maple Rock’, is a tribute to her influential time in Canada, reflecting the experiences that shaped her career.

Chantelle’s evolution from an aspiring photojournalist to a skilled video producer is driven by her passion for storytelling. Her background, particularly with Netflix, has refined her project management and technical abilities, enabling her to lead complex projects and diverse teams effectively.

Did You Know?

  • Chantelle was Head Girl at Hautlieu School, displaying early leadership skills.
  • She embraced her femininity as Miss Jersey Battle of Flowers.
  • Her production experience with Netflix honed her organisational skills, especially in assembling talented crews.
  • She edited the video montage for the Art of Enterprise Exhibition, showcasing her talent in merging visual storytelling with artistry.
  • Kindness, optimism, and courage are central to Maple Rock Studio’s ethos. Chantelle’s extensive professional network and talent for team assembly ensure that each project is executed with precision and creativity.

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