Meet Catherine Morgan

Driven by her passion for justice and love, Catherine found her purpose in reshaping the financial landscape for women. Her commitment to justice is rooted in a deep desire to right the wrongs. Catherine firmly believes that financial independence is the key to freedom, and with this belief she is committed to helping women everywhere realise their financial dreams and their freedom.

Catherine Morgan is not your typical financial advisor. She’s an entrepreneur and money coach on a mission to empower women to achieve financial independence. Her journey goes beyond numbers and charts, resonating with every woman who dreams of taking control of her financial destiny.

The story:

Catherine is a woman with a profound connection to nature, often seen surrounded by the tranquillity of the outdoors. Her approach to financial empowerment is holistic, addressing both the practical and emotional aspects of money management. She delves into the DNA of one’s financial beliefs, helping women uncover their unique relationship with money and guiding them towards transformation.

Alongside mentorship and advising, Catherine runs retreats to offer women the chance to break free from their comfort zones, unlock their potential, and embrace their personal power. Her vision is clear: she doesn’t want her clients to depend on her expertise forever. Instead, she empowers them to trust themselves and take charge of their financial destinies.

In Catherine’s world, it’s not just about money—it’s about love, self-empowerment, and transformation. Her clients don’t just experience financial change; they reconnect with their sense of purpose, ultimately leading more enriched, joyful lives being guided to a more independent future.

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