Meet Brian & Stani Smith:

At the heart of St. Helier lies a unique jewel, the Melting Pot, a ’70s-inspired venue where nostalgia and modern sophistication fuse seamlessly. Brian, with his Irish roots and a lifelong passion for hospitality, and Stani, originally from Slovakia with a keen sense for business, create a symphony of tastes and experiences. From crafting celebrity-favoured cocktails at Sydney’s iconic The Bridge to bringing a touch of the past into the present, Brian’s journey is a tale of flavours and flair. Meanwhile, Stani, leaving her mark as an accountant, pivoted to managing the intricate details of their shared dream.

The story:

Melting Pot is more than a business; it’s a love story. Born from their shared passion and complementary talents, it represents their commitment to offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s the intimate table service, the artisanal cocktails, or the ambient setting, every aspect of Melting Pot is infused with their dedication to hospitality.

Their mission extends beyond just serving drinks – it’s about crafting a space for memorable conversations, a place where every visit is a journey through time. Brian and Stani’s vision for Melting Pot is clear: to create a haven where every guest feels like part of their story, a place where the past and present dance in harmony.

In this union of minds and hearts, Brian and Stani’s Melting Pot stands as a testament to their journey, their love, and their unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable experiences. It’s the delightful dance between Brian’s boundless creativity and Stani’s grounding influence. Picture Brian as the spirited mustang, galloping towards the horizon of innovation, dreaming up a whirlwind of ideas, each more exciting than the last. While Stani, the unsung hero, the strategic brake to his throttle, holds the reins, meticulously turning those dreams into reality.

It’s in this playful push-and-pull that Melting Pot and their other ventures find their rhythm. The yin to each other’s yang, they’ve stirred up a recipe for success that’s as balanced as their signature cocktails.

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