Meet Ben and Sarah Hickingbotham:

Riding the Wave of Purpose

Husband and Wife duo, and visionary entrepreneurs Ben and Sarah Hickingbotham are the masterminds behind two innovative ventures: Daemon Engine and The Observatory. Daemon Engine is a trailblazing film production company, standing at the convergence of creative storytelling and advanced technology. The Observatory, on the other hand, is a seasoned marketing agency renowned for its impactful branding strategies and collaboration with entrepreneurs and business owners.

The story:

Their journey is fueled by a shared passion for unbridled creativity and the pursuit of freedom. Ben, with his tempestuous creativity, transforms abstract concepts into tangible visual masterpieces, while Sarah, with her background in philosophy and psychology, offers depth and rationality. Together, they create a synergy that not only challenges but redefines the norms in their respective industries. Their work is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and pushing beyond traditional boundaries.

Did You Know?

  • A Fusion of Worlds: Their story began at an intersection of rebellion and self-discovery, uniting their diverse backgrounds into a powerful partnership.
  • Cultural Bridges: Sarah’s fluency in French not only broke language barriers but also bridged cultural divides, especially evident in their Paris project for a heritage French brand.
  • Artistic Roots: Ben’s artistic journey began with a focus on visual arts, evident in every project they undertake, infusing it with unique aesthetic appeal.
  • A Leap of Faith: Breaking free from religious constraints, Sarah’s bold decision to leave her controlled upbringing led her to embrace a life of freedom and self-expression.

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