Meet Alistair McDonald:

Alistair McDonald is a Jersey-born, Scottish-blooded entrepreneur and the creative force behind Magma Creative. As a graphic designer and business owner, Alistair looks to redefine the essence of branding. His vision extends beyond merely the aesthetics of a brand. He dives to the very core, to the magma of a brand’s identity.

The story:

His “why” is rooted in a simple yet profound belief: every brand has a unique story, a raw, untamed energy waiting to be harnessed. This belief is not just a professional mantra but a reflection of Alistair’s life philosophy—finding beauty and depth in the everyday.

Alistair’s journey isn’t just about fonts, colours, or logos. It’s about diving deep beneath the surface, much like the volcanic inspiration behind Magma Creative. He sees each project as an opportunity to explore and bring forth the hidden narrative, the magma, of each brand.

Alistair is proud of his blended heritage of Jersey and Scotland. His Scottish blood passed through his father’s family line draws him to a country he loves and feels connected to, much like his home island of Jersey where he draws inspiration from his environment-subtle yet powerful landscapes and his personal life- his family.

Alistair is a father, a storyteller at heart, and a man who has learnt the importance of finding joy in the simple things – whether it’s playing football with friends, spending time with his wife, or enjoying quiet family moments. These experiences, seemingly ordinary, are where he steps back and finds happiness, infusing his work with authenticity and passion.

Alistair’s story resonates with anyone who seeks depth in the everyday. His approach to design mirrors life’s journey: it’s not just about the destination but the rich, often overlooked stories along the way. In Alistair’s hands, Magma Creative becomes more than just about design; it’s a place where brands find their true voice and where everyday moments are produced into narratives that echo in the hearts of audiences.

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