Meet Alex Curtis

La Côte Distillery is the embodiment of craftsmanship, where every drop of gin and vodka is meticulously created from grain to glass. Founded by Alex Curtis, this Jersey-based distillery has redefined the world of spirits by infusing authenticity, creativity, and local flavors into every bottle.

The story:

The story begins with a simple bet during Alex’s university days – a challenge to spend less than £100 on alcohol in the first year. Determined to win, Alex embarked on a journey into the world of brewing beer. Little did he know that this venture would spark a lifelong passion for crafting spirits. It wasn’t about drinking; it was about the art of creation.

Driven by an engineering mind, Alex appreciated the science and precision behind the process. Brewing beer led to a revelation: why not create something more unique, something more intimate? And so, the idea of La Côte Distillery was born.

Alex’s motivation lies in the joy of creation and the ability to share it with others. For him, making spirits is a form of artistic expression, a way to make moments with people, and a means to help them see the world differently through craftsmanship. It’s not just about gin; it’s about the endless possibilities of distilling.

Did You Know? Did you know that La Côte Distillery is the only grain-to-glass distillery on Jersey? Here, they don’t just make spirits; they craft them from scratch, distilling their own alcohol and refining it with a range of botanicals, including locally sourced ingredients. This dedication to quality and authenticity sets them apart.

Alex Curtis, the mastermind behind La Côte Distillery, is not your typical distiller. He didn’t start with a lifelong love for spirits; he began with a bet and a knack for engineering. Alex’s approach to spirits is rooted in patience, creativity, and authenticity. He believes in mastering every aspect of the craft, from designing labels to making equipment. His journey from a university bet to a distillery owner reflects a commitment to innovation and a refusal to follow the norm.

La Côte Distillery isn’t just about making exceptional spirits; it’s about offering an authentic experience. Whether you’re enjoying a bottle of their gin or participating in a gin-making session, you’re partaking in a journey that’s more than just a drink—it’s an expression of art and craftsmanship, a testament to Alex’s unwavering pursuit of perfection.

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