Meet Aaron Chatterley

Aaron Chatterley, the co-founder of Feelunique, Europe’s online beauty juggernaut, and President of Indu, a trailblazing teen beauty brand, embodies innovation and impact. His path began with naivety, leading to the birth of Feelunique in 2005, now a £100+ million annual turnover powerhouse with 500+ beauty brands and a global presence. The e-commerce pioneer is not only a shareholder but also a board member post its strategic partial sale to private equity.

Aaron’s foray into e-commerce stemmed from a vision to democratise beauty. He identified the untapped potential of the online beauty market when few believed in it. His mission has always been to make premium beauty accessible and to foster innovation in the industry. This commitment remains at the core of Indu, designed to empower teenagers through holistic skincare and makeup.

Did You Know? Aaron’s journey is marked by audacity and adaptability. His musical roots and love for surfing reflect his versatile, creative spirit. He readily agreed to be the face of this “Art of Enterprise” exhibition, showing his dedication to community and culture. Aaron’s imposter syndrome fuels his entrepreneurial fire, making him relatable and humble.

  • Co-founded Feelunique, turning over £100 million annually.
  • Ventured into tech investment and advising, supporting startups like Urban and TheFoodMarket.
  • Voted one of the 50 most powerful people in Online Retail by Retail Week.
  • A member of Founders Forum and Founders Pledge, highlighting his commitment to community and philanthropy.

Aaron Chatterley’s brand story is one of resilience, innovation, and empowerment. His journey from beauty pioneer to teen advocate exemplifies his adaptability and unwavering commitment to creating positive change in the world, all while staying true to his core values.

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