Capturing the Glamour of Christian Dior’s “The Art of Color” Exhibition with Bella Hadid

Our team had the amazing opportunity to work with Christian Dior Paris at The Dubai Mall to capture their stunning exhibition, “The Art of Color”, which celebrated the launch of a book exploring Dior’s passion for color. The exhibition was created under the direction of Peter Philips, who is the Artistic and Image Director for Makeup at Dior. The sumptuous photographs featured in the exhibition were truly amazing, showcasing Philips’ modern approach and mastery of color. The comparison to great works of art added another layer of depth and complexity to the exhibition.

As part of our work, we spent time in the makeup room with Bella Hadid and captured some behind-the-scenes moments. We were also there during her interviews and had the pleasure of taking some shots of her during the VIP gala that Christian Dior organised. Bella Hadid was an absolute pleasure to work with, and her beauty and poise added to the glamour of the event.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with Christian Dior Paris and to have met Bella Hadid. If she happens to read this, we wish her bon voyage on her next adventure.

“The Art of Color” exhibition was a celebration of the beauty and complexity of color and its impact on the world of beauty, all under the artistic direction of Peter Philips. Working with Christian Dior Paris and meeting Bella Hadid was an unforgettable experience, and we look forward to more exciting opportunities in the future.

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