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All Portraits by Oliver Doran (c) all rights reserved

Colin Firth

Chivas Legends Dinner 2012 Colin was invited to be the 2012 legend for the Chivas Regal Legends

corporate insanity

Two days shooting Syed who was fantastic to work with. This was to add to his new modelling

Tim Hassel

Tim Hassel Photographer Oliver Doran

resisting temptation

Shoot for AquaVitae that never featured. Well here is my favourate shot we took on the

Mohamad Hamami

Photographed at Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre :: DUCTAC Mohamad Hamami in a shoot for

Lidia Stankulova

Harpist Enchanting harpist based in

Royce Gracie

Before his first fights in UFC 1, all traditional strike-oriented martial artists underestimated

Mr Al Jaidi

Abdul Mutalib Mustafa Al Jaidi, CEO of Oman Insurance Photographer Oliver Doran

Giles Robson

125% Unadulterated Blues A portrait of Giles Robson, a good friend, a player of harmonica and


We met Melanie on a Friday brunch at the Mina Salam Hotel in Dubai and got talking to her and her

As-Salamu Alaykum habibi

“come ‘n ride my camel…” One flash off camera, fish-eye lens (trying hard

Anthony Willis

Tony a professional Muey Thai boxer photographed at Discovery Gardens. Overlayed with textured