Lounge Lizards

Editorial fashion campaign with Esther Quek and The Rake Magazine




Photographer: Oliver Doran | Fashion Director: Esther Quek

Photography assistants: Robert James Navarro | www.photosolutions.me | Fashion assistants: Diana Chipar & Marjaneh Esmailian | Make-up artists: Jojo Dantespadua and AJ |Hair Stylist Helga Bosman | Models: Paul Frangie, Mareck Nemecek, Steven Pickering, Immanuel, Bianca Matt, Natalie Henry, Lena Dobschall, Anastasia Milnichenko, Elyse Blemmings – all from Luch Group Middle East.

Special thanks to the R Lounge for the kind usage of its premises in the H Hotel

Production by Pin Point Media (www.pinpointmediagroup.com) & Photo Solutions Middle East (www.photosolutions.me)