Photography & Film

Grand Prix of Excellence, Reims

While visiting my family in Reims, September 2010, my cousin Christophe Gervosani (also photographed his wedding) managed to give me full press access to cover the Grand Prix of Excellence.

Fans observe the vintage cars rocketing by

11th and 12th September 2010 I was invited to photograph a at the Circuit of Gueux in Champagne region.  The French side of my family is from Reims, Champagne… yes i have champagne in my blood !!… so it was my great honour to participate as photographer for this new event that celebrates vintage cars from as early as the 1930’s.

Gentlemen, start your engines…!

My French cuisine, Julie and her husband Christophe Gervasoni introduced me to some the guests at the Taittinger Champagne tent…. quite a coincidence as i had the opportunity to photograph Vitalie Taittinger in Dubai 5 months later.

Vive la France!

It is very unfortunate however that Christophe was hit by a renegade Porsche that totalled his car and landed him in hospital with broken ribs. Not good.